Alto Cover Image

Project Goal:

I created this webpage with the goal of it to be used as a landing page for an app or similar piece of technology. I wanted to create something simple and professional to showcase my web design and development skills.

Creative Strategy:

As the main goal of this project was to showcase my skills, I took on the challenge of creating all of the design assets myself – the icons in Illustrator and the photos in Photoshop.

I chose the blue /silver color scheme to convey a sleek professional theme for the webpage which I believe is very effective and clear.

Tools Used:

  • Good old pen and paper to jot down initial requirements and design rough wireframes etc.
  • Sublime text 3 as a text editor and the Bootstrap design framework.
  • Adobe Illustrator – To design the design assets required.
  • Adobe Photoshop – To enhance the images as required.
  • Chrome developer tools etc – To test the website out on different screen sizes to ensure responsiveness.
  • Font Awesome Icon Set – for use of icons across the website

Website Features:

  • Fully custom made web page created using the Bootstrap design framework
  • Custom made images enhanced in Photoshop, custom made icons created in Illustrator by Mishacreatrix
  • Contact form
  • Fully responsive web page