Project Goal:

Having previously created the original website for James Denny & Associates, I felt it was time to propose a website re-vamp. The website is yet to be deployed as it is still in the design stages. The main goal with this project was to re-create the Denny Accountants website to give it a fresh new look and to make the website responsive.

Creative Strategy:

The basic idea to start off with was to take the excellently curated content from the original website, and drop it into a newly designed website which would be modern and responsive. With this in mind, a lot of the site structure stayed the same, for example the various pages etc. The color scheme retained the green color for the most part but has become more subtle, just used for headings, icons etc.

The main change to the site would revolve around the basic structure of the website – the HTML and CSS. I wanted to recreate the website using responsive methodologies, this meant structuring the code efficiently and making use of CSS media queries to adjust various content on different screen sizes. This was a fun challenge to complete and I ensured to test this website out when completed on a number of different devices.

Tools Used:

  • Good old pen and paper to jot down initial requirements and design rough wireframes etc.
  • Sublime text 3 as a text editor and the Bootstrap design framework.
  • Adobe Illustrator – To design the logo and other design assets required.
  • Adobe Photoshop – To re-size and enhance the photos captured for the site.
  • Chrome developer tools etc – To test the website out on different screen sizes to ensure responsiveness.

Website Features:

  • Custom designed and created website built with Bootstrap
  • Fully responsive website
  • Custom images and icons created in Photoshop and Illustrator by Mishacreatrix
  • Fully integrated contact form