Date: May 2018

Project Goal:

I recently re-discovered my love of gaming and I really enjoyed the idea of creating a blog where I can publish my thoughts on various gaming topics so I decided to build just that. I wanted the blog to be simple to navigate and contain logical sections for grouping my post types. Gamercreatrix is the persona or brand name associated with the blog and this features on the related social media sites where I am active.

Creative Strategy:

For this blog I created a child theme and modified an existing WordPress theme to suit my needs. Using a colour palette generator I was able to decide upon a suitable colour scheme, which was also adopted in the creation of the Gamercreatrix logo. So far, this blog has been amazing fun to work on and I enjoy writing new posts each week. I have also expanded my interests into the area of video creation, having created an accompanying YouTube channel to host my videos. I utilize Adobe Premier Pro to create and edit my videos and post them to YouTube on an almost weekly basis.

Tools Used:

  • Adobe Illustrator – used for the logo creation
  • – used for colour palette generator –
  • Adobe Photoshop – used for photo editing
  • Sublime Text – text editor for implementing code changes etc.
  • Font Awesome Icon Set – for use of icons across the website
  • (Self-hosted) – used for development of website