Date: July 2017

Project Goal:

The main goal I had in mind for creating this website was to establish a place to showcase my portfolio of work. I also wanted a place to be able to blog on a regular basis with ease.

Creative Strategy:

I knew a small amount about WordPress before creating this website, so I took on the challenge of building this site from scratch using WordPress to develop my skills. From carrying out extensive research into similar themed websites, I started to form a picture in my head of what the website would look like. I made plenty of sketches and drawings to make sure I didn’t forget any good ideas!

With this website I really wanted to showcase my creativity and design skills by creating all the content myself including the logo, icons and imagery. The logo was created following the sketching of about 100 different ideas before finally coming up with the finished design. All of the photographs on the site were captured by me on my DSLR camera and refined in Photoshop. I tried to showcase as much of Waterford as possible to reinforce that is where I am based.

Tools Used:

  • Good old pen and paper to jot down requirements, design wireframes, design logos etc.
  • WordPress CMS – Created using the Netbeans IDE and using the underscores starter theme.
  • Canon EOS DSLR camera – to capture the photos needed for the website
  • Adobe Photoshop – To re-size and enhance the photos captured for the site.
  • Adobe Illustrator – To design the logo and other design assets required.
  • Chrome developer tools etc – To test the website out on different screen sizes to ensure responsiveness

Website Features:

  • WordPress website with a fully functional blog
  • Fully responsive website
  • Custom images captured by Mishacreatrix
  • Fully integrated contact form
  • Custom made logo and design assets all created by Mishacreatrix
  • Custom portfolio and service taxonomies