Date: May 2019

Project Goal:

This app design concept was created to showcase a potential design for a mobile ticketing app. A user can create tickets on their device and work on them through to completion.

Creative Strategy:

This was my first attempt at designing a mobile app so I learned a great deal about designing for mobile devices.

Based on the requirements, I sketched out an initial flow diagram to determine how many screens would be needed. Following this, I set about learning more about mobile design guidelines so I consulted websites such as, and

I also used Adobe XD for the first time for this project so some time was spent watching online tutorials and articles.

Once that was completed, I used this newly acquired knowledge to start work on some rough wireframes for this app design concept. I generated these wireframes using Balsamiq mockups and set out each screen, referring to my flow diagram to assist me.

Tools Used:

  • Balsamiq mockups to design the initial wireframes to structure the content
  • Adobe XD to generate the greyscale and colored mockups
  • Adobe Photoshop to generate the design assets for showcasing this project on Behance