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Project Goal:

I was asked on behalf of Sean O’Sullivan to create a sleek, professional website which would inform people of his sound engineering experience. The goal of this website would be to promote his sound engineering services to acquire new work. The website is not officially live yet, I am however temporarily hosting the site on my system to allow for ease of access during review.

Creative Strategy:

From discussing the project requirements with Sean, we liked the idea of a single page website, nothing super fancy.

Following our discussions, the main content that needed to be conveyed included: an about me section, a services section, a contact form for an easy way to get in touch with Sean.

From researching similar themed websites, I noticed the ones that I was drawn to often included exciting and great quality images, not the cheesy stock photos of some websites. With this in mind I took on the challenge of capturing all the photos myself for use on the site. This allowed me an onsite visit to a local theater where Sean works in order to photograph some of the scenery and sound equipment.

Tools Used:

  • Good old pen and paper to jot down initial requirements and design rough wireframes etc.
  • Bootstrap design framework – This allowed me to rapidly develop the website using prebuilt classes.
  • Adobe Illustrator – To design some of the required design assets.
  • Adobe Photoshop – To re-size and enhance the photos captured for the site.
  • Chrome developer tools etc – To test the website out on different screen sizes to ensure responsiveness.
  • Canon EOS DSLR camera – to capture the photos needed for the website.

Website Features:

  • Single page website
  • Fully responsive website
  • Custom images captured by me – Mishacreatrix
  • Fully integrated contact form


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