Hi, I'm Michelle

I am a web designer and developer with a passion for creating websites using my design and coding knowledge. 

The aim of this website is to share with you everything I learn on my journey as a web designer & developer including areas such as: productivity, blogging, UX/UI design, and web development.

Areas I Talk About


Knowing how to be productive is a constant journey and something you can always look to improve. I hope to share with you everything I learn on my productivity journey based on what works and doesn't work for me.


Writing blog posts, recording podcasts, and creating YouTube videos are all areas that I love working on in my spare time. I hope to share with you everything that's involved in my content creation process.

UX & UI Design

UX design is all about the experience of using a product or service. UI design relates to creating user interface designs for websites and other digital products. I have tons of experience in UX and UI design to share with you as I'm constantly learning & improving my skills.

Web Development

Web development has been a huge passion of mine since I started in college. I enjoy working to create aesthetically pleasing and highly functional websites for any project I do. I look forward to be able to share all of this knowledge with you so you can create stunning websites for yourself.

Recent Articles

Book Notes

Show Your Work - Book-Notes-Cover-Image

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

Reading this book unlocked the motivation I needed to be more confident in sharing my thoughts with the world. This is a very helpful book for content creators, knowledge workers,...

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