Coping with an office move as an employee - cover image

How To Cope With An Office Move As An Employee

Coping with an office move as an employee - cover image


Dealing with an office move, particularly one that happens rapidly, can be a stressful thing to deal with. The office is where you spend most of your time, let’s face it, so changing location is a big deal. Your environment, your routines, your car parking space are all going to change.

Having gone through an office move recently where I work, I was interested in learning about how people handle this on a personal level. My online research mainly showed articles that were more focused on the business itself and management of an office move rather than how employees manage a move on a personal level.

With all of this knowledge and insight in mind, I decided to assemble a list of useful steps for coping with an office move.

Think logically

Take a step back and think about it logically. There is likely a good reason for the move:

  • more office space for expansion
  • less office space – downsizing
  • better facilities
  • monetary reasons

Consider these especially if you are very against the move.

Discuss the office move with management

Be open to discussing your concerns with management. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns or your worries as you may be able to resolve them through discussion. You may even raise an issue that perhaps the management team had not considered.

One of my concerns was where my new desk would be. By discussing this with the management team I was able to voice these concerns and as it turns out I was given ample involvement in the choice of where I would be put in the new office.

Discuss the office move with your team

If you are moving office as a team/group, discuss the move as a group. Organize a team lunch or have a quick chat by the water cooler. You may realize that your co-workers have some of the same worries or excitement that you do. They may also be able to give you a positive outlook by mentioning benefits or advantages that you had not considered.

The move will make you stronger as a team so it is important to positively reinforce this. Arrange a lunch as a team when you are settled in. Organize a group walk or a group activity that you can do together.

Clear out your work space and organise

Think of the move as a chance to clear out your work space. Take some time to empty out your drawers and your desk of unwanted documents, broken stationery or any old junk that you don’t need anymore.

This will not only make your move easier but will also give you a clear head when you set up your new work space.

Go to work early

Don’t worry, I am not advocating for working every hour of the day! If your company uses flexi-time or flexible work hours, consider going to work earlier for the first few days (if you are a morning person that is).

Being the first person in the office will give you some personal space to settle yourself in. I can personally speak to this one as going in a little earlier for the first week helped me to settle in.

Treat Yo Self

How to cope with an office move as an employee
This one hopefully speaks for itself. Treat yourself during/after your office move to make things feel more normal.
This may sound trivial, but on my lunch break I ventured out and bought a new mug to use as my old one had become pretty gruesome.

  • treat yourself to a fancy lunch
  • buy a new mug / new fancy stationery
  • add your old desk trinkets or personal photos to your new desk to settle you in

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