My gaming blog - gamercreatrix

My Gaming Blog – Gamercreatrix

Over the last couple of months, for one reason or another, I have gotten back into gaming and I had forgotten just how much I love it. Whether its gaming by myself on a dreary weekday afternoon or gaming with friends to relive our nostalgia, or even adding new games and consoles to my humble little collection I really enjoy gaming. So much so in fact that I decided to create a blog dedicated to just that; gaming. I’ve decided to brand the blog as Gamercreatrix – taking inspiration from my brand name Mishacreatrix.

I am hoping this blog will give me the opportunity to relive my love of gaming and give me the chance to share with people my thoughts and ideas on certain topics. It doesn’t seem like there is too much of a strong gaming presence in Ireland, at least not in Waterford, so I am hoping this blog will help to change that.

With luck, the blog will evolve over time but right now I have some interesting (I think) topics I want to research and write about so stay tuned if you are interested in this sort of thing! I may even branch out into Youtube videos.. but we’ll see.

Feel free to check out my new blog at its home here:

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