Harvest Plugin UI Concept

Harvest Plugin UI Concept

Project Goal

The goal of this project was to improve upon an existing Chrome extension that integrates with the Harvest time tracker application.

This plugin was developed where I work to make tracking time in our ticketing system easier and more efficient.

Based on the pain points experienced by the team when using this plugin, an improved design was necessary to ensure efficiency.

Creative Strategy

I did some initial research and interviewed the members of our team that used the existing plugin on a daily basis. This was to understand their main pain points with the existing implementation.

This proved very effective in understanding how this feature could be improved.

My next step was to review the design of the Harvest app itself to see what could be emulated. I thought the design of the app was easy to use and clear so I decided to draw heavily upon this layout for my design.

I then set about creating some rough wireframes in Balsamiq Mockups to get an idea of the layout of each screen and the contents on each screen.

Once I was happy with the layout of each screen, I then moved over to Adobe XD to start creating higher fidelity mockups. These mockups would more closely resemble the potentially finished product.

I chose a very simple color palette for this plugin, blue and orange. The blue color comes from my company’s color palette and the orange which serves as an accent color was taken from the Harvest color palette itself.

Tools Used

Wireframes were created in Balsamiq Mockups

Mockups were created in Adobe XD

Project Outcomes

The result of this project was a set of mockups that would serve as the basis for the development of an improved Harvest plugin for the company where I work.

The simple color palette and component design resulted in a clean, bright and simple design that will allow for better user interaction and in turn more efficiency.

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