Mobile Ticketer App UI Concept

Mobile Ticketer App UI Concept

Project Goal

The goal of this project was to create a concept app design for a mobile ticketing app. The company where I work had a very old version of a ticketing web app that required a complete rebuild from the ground up.

The goal of the mobile ticketer app would be to allow users to work through their assigned tickets directly from their phone in a quick an easy way.

As such, a simple but effective design concept would be needed to work from to achieve the desired end result.

Creative Strategy

This was my first attempt at designing a mobile app so I learned a great deal about designing for mobile devices throughout the course of this project.

My first step was to set about learning more about mobile design guidelines. With this in mind I consulted websites such as, and to learn more about mobile / app design principles.

Following this research I reviewed the requirements I was given for this project, based on customer interviews and other requirements gathering meetings that took place.

With these requirements, I was able to generate some use cases. This allowed me to understand what screens would be needed and how to navigate through them.

Based on these use cases, I then sketched out an initial flow diagram to determine how many screens would be needed roughly.

Once that was all completed, I used this newly acquired knowledge to start work on some rough wireframes for this app design concept.

I generated these wireframes using Balsamiq mockups and set out each screen, referring to my flow diagram to assist me.

With the wireframes created it was then time to work on the higher fidelity mockups which I was looking forward to by this point.

I used Adobe XD for the first time for this project so some time was spent watching online tutorials and articles to get up and running with this application.

In doing some initial training and then learning as I went through generating each screen of the mockup, I learned a great deal about how to work with Adobe XD.

Tools Used

Project Outcomes

The result of this project was a set of design screens / mockups that could then be used to develop a fully functional mobile ticketer app. Of course additional iterations of this design are likely based on user feedback etc. but the initial draft of these mockups look quite promising.

In addition to this, I also learned a great deal about working with Adobe XD to generate mockups. I will most likely be using this tool going forward and I look forward to becoming more proficient at it.

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