South East Glamping Website Development

South East Glamping Website Development

Project Goal:

This website was created as part of my college master’s module in User Experience and Design at Waterford Institute of Technology.

The goal of this project was to design and prototype a website for South East Glamping that meets the requirements of the management team and that has a positive user experience for its users.

The aim of the finished product was to provide an addition to the company’s existing online presence. South East Glamping, a fictional company, hoped to achieve this by promoting new off-season business and by attracting new potential customers.

Creative Strategy:

I took on a User Centered Design approach with this project to ensure that the completed website adhered to the goals and needs of the user and not necessarily to those of the developer or the stakeholders, though these would play a part in the website’s design and development.

In this way, the website could be interacted with by its target users in an easy and enjoyable way so that they could achieve their goals.

This in turn would create a positive user experience which would increase the likelihood that the website would be used repeatedly and would grow in popularity, increasing business for South East Glamping in the future.

Tools Used:

  • Adobe Illustrator – used for the creation of personas – Balsamiq
  • – used for colour palette generator –
  • Hosting Ireland – used for web hosting – Hosting Ireland
  • LinkedIn – used for distribution of surveys – LinkedIn
  • – used for WordPress training –
  • Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word – used for creation of documents and presentations – Mural
  • Pinterest – used for design and colour inspiration – Pinterest
  • SEO Analyser Tool – used for competitor analysis – SEO Analyser
  • Survey Monkey – used for creation of surveys – Survey Monkey
  • Twitter – used for distribution of surveys – Twitter
  • – used for development of website –
  • – used for WordPress training –
  • X-Mind – used for creation of mind maps – X-Mind


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